The following procedure demonstrates how a client (student) is received, admitted and registered in Masai Technical Training Institute.

  1. Client is received and directed to the room specially allocated for the admission process.
  2. The client is expected to produce the original admission letter.
  3. All prerequisite documents (academic, birth certificate, ID, etc) are verified against the originals.
  4. Client is required to produce proof of payment of fees.

Others requirements are verified as required for each department

  1. The student is then issued with an admission number and requested to fill in Registration/Data capture and Declaration Forms.
  2. The students is issued with the Academic Policy and the Institute Rules & Regulations.
  3. For those who want to board, they are ushered to the Hostel Allocation section.
  4. Both boarders and day-scholars are then directed to their respective departments.

At an administratively agreed date, all new students are invited for an Orientation Session within seven (7) days of reporting.

All students with inquiries/problems are referred to the Registrar for further consultations.


About Us

  • Vision and Mission +

    Our Vision

    To be a leader in providing quality technical and business education.

    Our Mission

    To excel in producing competent manpower in technical and business fields for self sustainability and responsible citizenship.

  • Strategic Objectives +

    • To provide training in business and technical education.
    • To embrace science, technology and innovation in everyday life.
    • To produce market oriented manpower.
    • To implement the training objectives of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology.
    • To provide an environment for creativity and innovation.
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