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    Innovation is defined simply as a "new idea, device, or method". However, innovation is often also viewed as the application of better solutions that meet new requirements, un-articulated needs, or existing market needs. Masai TTI ensures that education is accessed for all types of learners. Our short courses are tailored to suite the Job market. 

    Other than the short courses we do offer KNEC courses that meets your timing. You learn wherever you are and anytime. 

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About Us

  • Vision and Mission +

    Our Vision

    To be a leader in providing quality technical and business education.

    Our Mission

    To excel in producing competent manpower in technical and business fields for self sustainability and responsible citizenship.

  • Strategic Objectives +

    • To provide training in business and technical education.
    • To embrace science, technology and innovation in everyday life.
    • To produce market oriented manpower.
    • To implement the training objectives of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology.
    • To provide an environment for creativity and innovation.
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