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  • Food and Beverage Courses

    The future of hospitality industry in Kenya is bright as its growth has been characterized by the recent increase in the number of hotels, lodges, restaurants, food courts, universities and the event industries.

    The Food and Beverage department is aimed at providing quality requisite knowledge and skills to our trainees in order to provide market oriented workforce for this growing industry.

    The department is endowed with qualified staff, adequate equipment and is in the process of building a state of the art hotel complex, which is aimed at providing real on job training for our trainees.

    Courses Offered.

    • Diploma in food and beverage.
    • Certificate in food and beverage
    • Artisan

    Future Employment Opportunities

    These courses prepares the trainee to undertake the following specialization.

    • Cooks.
    • Waiter/waitress.
    • Chef.
    • Restaurant supervisor.
    • Food and beverage manager.
    • Catering manager. personal chefs

    These courses will also provide trainees with basic entrepreneurial skills. Some of the business ventures they can explore may include: outside/function catering, event management, cakes and confectionery shops, restaurants, etc{/slider}

    Admission Requirements

    To be admitted for Diploma you need to have a minimum grade of C-(Minus) and a minimum of D- to qualify for Certificate.

About Us

  • Vision and Mission +

    Our Vision

    To be a leader in providing quality technical and business education.

    Our Mission

    To excel in producing competent manpower in technical and business fields for self sustainability and responsible citizenship.

  • Strategic Objectives +

    • To provide training in business and technical education.
    • To embrace science, technology and innovation in everyday life.
    • To produce market oriented manpower.
    • To implement the training objectives of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology.
    • To provide an environment for creativity and innovation.
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