Industrial attachment in Masai Technical Training Institute is co-ordinated by the Industrial Liaison Officer.  Lecturers from our six academic departments namely: Business Department, Food and Beverage Department, Building Department, ICT Department, Mechanical Department and Electrical Engineering Department, carry out assessment of industrial attachment.  They visit trainees and hold discussions with the employers on trainee’s performance at least once during the attachment period.  

MTTI has an industrial attachment policy which is incorporated in the institute’s academic policy. 

In the national training policy, all trainees taking courses under technical programme for examination by KNEC have to undergo industrial work experience as part of their course work.  The cardinal rule is that students proceeding on attachment must have acquired sufficient skill to make them productive prior to attachment.

The purpose of Industrial Work Experience Attachment Programme is to try as much as possible to make the training relevant to job requirement.  It is hoped that this could be achieved through; exposing trainees to Industrial/Business work culture through the actual involvements in real work environment, providing opportunities for trainees to apply skills required through formal instructions in real work situation, exposing trainees to technologies which are not available to them in the institution and building confidence in the trainees in technical operations and problem solving by working with professional in the world of work.  

During attachment the trainees are:

  • To report and leave work at the appointed times(working hours for all employees).
  • To cooperate with employers and take instructions as any other employee.
  • To work diligently and avoid all activities that may be detrimental to the well being of the organization.
  • To learn about his/her trade and about the industry through meaningful work and co-operate with fellow employees.
  • To obtain permission for all leaves of absence.
  • To complete all assignments given by the supervisors in time.
  • To have an insurance cover during the period of attachment
  • To report to the institute liaisons office of details and location of the attaching industry immediately.  

Welcome all to Masai Technical Training Institute’s Industrial Liaison’s Office.


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