This is the first contact point for all our clients/students.  We endeavour to go out and meet prospective clients and enlighten them on the courses/programs that are run in our institute.  We do vigorous marketing through various media.  All these activities are geared towards helping our youth realize their dreams through alternative route for those who hope to achieve academic excellence upto university level. 

To enable us in meeting our customers expectations, the department is divided into two sections; Registration and Examination.

Registration Section is headed by Nancy Akiru and is in charge of admitting, registration and maintain students records. On the other hand James K. Ndambu is in charge of Examination section both Internal and External.


We also take cognizant of the fact that for Kenya to achieve Vision 2030, Technical Education must be emphasized. We need to train as many Technicians as possible since they are the drivers of our economy.  Kenya still faces a shortage of qualified Technicians.        

The office also receives all applications for admission (written or walk-ins) and sends out Admission letters. On reporting, we take our new students through the process of admission, hostel allocation (for Boarders) as well as directing them to their various departments.  The office maintains records of all our students as well as their Result Slips and Certificates.
We ensure that all examinations (both internal & external) run smoothly and efficiently for the sake of students.  All necessary information concerning examinations is disseminated in time to ensure that our programs run as required.
Currently we have six (6) departments:

  1. Mechanical Engineering (Automotive & Production Options)
  2. Building & Civil Engineering
  3. Business Studies
  4. Food & Beverage
  5. Electrical & Electronics Engineering
  6. Information Communication Technology.

We always aim at  “Producing competent manpower in technical and business fields for self sustainability and responsible citizenship.”

My advice to all our clients: Focus on your goals- they are achievable. Remember honesty pays.

About Us

  • Vision and Mission +

    Our Vision

    To be a leader in providing quality technical and business education.

    Our Mission

    To excel in producing competent manpower in technical and business fields for self sustainability and responsible citizenship.

  • Strategic Objectives +

    • To provide training in business and technical education.
    • To embrace science, technology and innovation in everyday life.
    • To produce market oriented manpower.
    • To implement the training objectives of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology.
    • To provide an environment for creativity and innovation.
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